Locally Speaking – The whirlpool of Amsterdam politics

Locally Speaking – The whirlpool of Amsterdam politics

Locally Speaking is an English spoken talk show on Dutch local news. And we are back, with a vengeance!

Are you clueless who to vote for? Always on top of the news in your own country but completely left out when your Dutch friends are discussing current affairs? Annoyed that we still don’t have that Sunday paper? We will help you again.

The Amsterdam Council Elections are coming up on the 21st of March and all EU-residents and non-EU residents living here for at least 3 years get a vote.

The program is divided in three parts. We will cover main election themes, discuss the differences between parties and tell you all about the MIP’s (most important politicians).
In between you can relax and listen to an ancient tale by professional storyteller and Myths & Music curator Simon Hodges.

Find out which parties are most inclusive for newcomers, what you should vote if you plan on buying property or starting your own company and which party will install the most green spots in town. Tonight we will provide you with enough ammo to join the Monday morning banter around the coffee machine at work and be a well informed voter.

There are drinks and a DJ, plenty of room for questions and we will definitely expect you back on the 21st of March when De Nieuwe Liefde is turned into a voting booth as well.

With: Floris Vermeulen (political science) and journalists Robin Pascoe (Dutchnews.nl), Ruben Koops (Het Parool), and Tracy Metz (John Adams Institute).
Hosted by Jeanette Rodd with beats & tunes by MISS D’ISSI.


Photo by local photographer Bien Schols

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Guests (more to be announced)


Floris Vermeulen

Dr. Floris Vermeulen is associate professor and chair of the department of political science at the University of Amsterdam . He has been co-director of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) and co-programme group leader of Challenges to Democratic Representation of the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR). He studied Economic and Social History at the University of Amsterdam.

Floris was interviewed twice by The Economist. Read The politics of alienation – even well-meaning parties based on ethnicity are a terrible idea and The Netherlands’ election is this year’s first test for Europe’s populists.

Topics of research interests:

Civic and political participation of immigrants
Local integration policies
Non-profit organisations
Local policies targeting violent extremism
Governance of religious diversity



Robin Pascoe (DutchNews.nl)

Robin Pascoe trained as a journalist with the BBC and worked for VisNews, ANP, the NRC and Financieele Dagblad before founding DutchNews.nl in 2006. She came to the Netherlands over 30 years ago as an au pair, is married to a Dutchman and has two sons. She is not personally on Facebook or Twitter. She is a founder member and chairwoman of the International Community Advisory Panel








Ruben Koops

Ruben Koops Specialisme: Gemeentepolitiek – verslaggever stopera

Ruben Koops is city hall reporter for Dutch newspaper Het Parool and covers politics and legislation in Amsterdam. His prior work ranges from big international conferences like the UN climate conference COP15 in Copenhagen, or the Nuclear Security Summit in DC, to reporting day to day politics in and from the US, for a range of Dutch broadcast and print media. (BNR Nieuwsradio, Volkskrant, Radio 2, Reformatorisch Dagblad).




Tracy Metz

Tracy Metz writes for NRC, De Groene Amsterdammer and Architectural Record and is a correspondent for the Radio1 talkshow De Ochtend. Tracy is director of the John Adams Institute, the center of American culture in the Netherlands and has her own live talkshow Stadsleven, about living in cities.

Simon Hodges

Originally from the UK, Simon Hodges draws on the mythologies of Europe and the Middle East to tell stories that are passionate, wise and wild. Through these stories  old imaginations are brought into the room and made to feel intimately our own. In Amsterdam he is known for organising the popular English-spoken story night Myths and Music at Toon.

He will share with us the Welsh story of the Woman made of Flowers, a story that guides us how to live creatively in the modern world.





Jeannette M. Vermeulen-Rodd (host)

As a small town girl from South Africa, Jeannette’s love of broadcasting began with her own small radio show at school. After a booming career in sales and recruitment she followed her heart to Amsterdam, where she pursued her talent for coaching, acting and presenting. Jeannette has played roles in short films, and acted on Scandal (a popular sitcom in South Africa); as well as presented international documentary film festivals; and hosted live talk shows. Jeannette is the creator of A Million Stories. An online TV program which inspires and empowers our human community to live truthfully.








Isabelle Backer aka MISS D’ISSI is resident DJ at the Melkweg and has the occassional gig at Korzo / Fringe Festival / EKKO and other parties. MISS D’ISSI plays old soul, funk, rock & roll, alternative pop, rock and electro. Think sweet, groovy and relaxing. Also think hands in the air, dancing on the ceiling.