Locally Speaking – The whirlpool of Dutch politics

Locally Speaking – The whirlpool of Dutch politics

This program will be hosted at Compagnietheater, Kloveniersburgwal 50 in Amsterdam.

Locally Speaking: an English talk-show with Dutch local news.

Clueless who to vote for during local elections? Always on top of the news in your own country but feel completely left out when your Dutch friends are discussing current affairs? Annoyed that there is NO Sunday paper in the Netherlands?

Join our themed talk focusing on Dutch politics right before the upcoming elections with reporter Gordon Darroch and Dutch journalist Natalie Righton. We will discuss the most likely outcome of the elections, the main issues of the three major parties and the most remarkable events within electoral politics in the past few weeks.

Find out which Dutch media station was involved in a fake news scandal, whether Geert Wilders will probably become Prime-Minister and why Jesse Klaver from the Green party is suddenly stealing the political spotlight, and more!

Tonight is hosted by Jeanette M. Vermeulen-Rodd from South-Africa.

The rest of the program includes:

Greg’s intermezzo:   
Comedian Greg Shapiro reflects on his ‘UnDutchable’ experiences with the Dutch people.

Hidden gems of Amsterdam – Our Lord in the Attic
One of the hot topics of the upcoming elections in the Netherlands is the Dutch attitude towards religion, especially Islam.
However, tension between people of different faith is nothing new to Amsterdam. This is clearly demonstrated by the oldest museum in Amsterdam: Our Lord in the Attic (Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder).  This beautiful building houses a secret dating all the way back to the 17th century.  Arts & culture editor Jolene den Boer (Spoonful of Art, Hello Amsterdam magazine) will tell us more about this hidden gem in the heart of the city.

A local’s highlights:
Town local and founder of TonTon Club Serdar Tonkas gets up close and personal by sharing his own list of cultural highlights he plans to visit next week.

Jazzy tunes:
Before and after the program by DJ Duke John.

At ‘Locally Speaking’ you can relax with an mimosa while our guests browse the headlines, inform you on Dutch news, culture, nature and local fun facts from the in-crowd. Stop by and brush up on what’s hot and what’s not in this small country below sea-level.

Photo by local photographer Bien Schols
“It all started when a client couldn’t pay me for the copy I wrote for her. Instead of money, she gave me her camera. And that’s how my journey started. Wandering the streets of Amsterdam I try to write stories, not by copy but by pictures.” Follow her on Instagram

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Gordon Darroch

Gordon Darroch is a British journalist living and working in The Hague. He has written for publications including The Guardian, USA Today and the Glasgow Herald, and is a regular contributor to the English-language site DutchNews.nl. He likes stroopwafels and stamppot but draws the line at snert. You can access all his latest ramblings on Dutch politics at wordsforpress.wordpress.com.






Natalie Righton

Natalie Righton, born in 1976 in The Netherlands, currently works as a parliamentary reporter for De Volkskrant in The Hague.
Before this she was a press officer for a number of humanitarian organizations allowing her to work all over the world.
In 2013 she published the book Duizend dagen extreem leven, a diary of her days as a war correspondent in Afghanistan. Read Natalie’s tweets.







Greg Shapiro

Comedian, American and Dutchman Greg Shapiro (1968) came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater Boom Chicago. In 2007 Shapiro presented ‘Comedy Central News’ and then went solo. He’s since worked with several Dutch radio and TV stations. You will recognize his voice from the viral ‘Netherlands Second’ video. It’s great.


Jolene den Boer

Amsterdam-based Dutchie and art historian from the year 1978. Ever since she can remember, she was an avid collector of all kinds of things concerning art. Images, articles, books, and (guilty pleasure) those magnets at gift shops. Jolene is founder and blogger at Spoonful of Art, a website with news, background info and all sorts of nice-to-know-things about art and design in NL, and works as an editor, providing art historical and cultural content for magazines and websites.

Serdar Tonkas

When local entrepreneur Serdar Tonkas (1982) founded the TonTonClub in the middle of the Amsterdam Red Light District he didn’t expect this to lead to several XL large editions, traveling arcades for festivals and two additional locations, but this r. Tonight he will share his tips on what to in your spare time when not ordering a ramen soup and playing an old school game of pinball in one of his arcades.






Jeannette M. Vermeulen-Rodd (host)

As a small town girl from South Africa, Jeannette’s love of broadcasting began with her own small radio show at school. After a booming career in sales and recruitment she followed her heart to Amsterdam, where she pursued her talent for coaching, acting and presenting. Jeannette has played roles in short films, and acted on Scandal (a popular sitcom in South Africa); as well as presented international documentary film festivals; and hosted live talk shows. Jeannette is the creator of A Million Stories. An online TV program which inspires and empowers our human community to live truthfully.
















Duke John (DJ)

Before and after the program DJ Stephan Wolven aka Duke John (resident DJ at Studio/K, Melkweg and several parties in Amsterdam will fill the room with his groovy mixes of jazz, funk and hip-hop to create the perfect vibe for some good conversation. Listen to him fixing the speaker on Soundcloud.