zo 29 sep
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A Workshop on Coded Scores by Fyn Paulina Bonita

Curious to find out what your coded score might be or what a score is?

Join us for the “Coded Scores” workshop, where we will explore the beautiful connections between our bodies while keeping scores in a meaningful way. This workshop focuses on deepening the understanding of the body, fostering collaboration within a community, and highlighting the positive effects of these practices. Participants will engage in various activities to explore, reflect, co-create, and discuss their findings and creations.

For who?
Anyone interested in exploring the connection between body and mind, regardless of experience or background.

* Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
* Bring a notebook to write down your reflections and observations so you can easily take them home.

About Gender*Language
Gender*Language is an archive of collective knowledge. A series of queer perspectives on the intersection of gender and language expressed through a variety of online and offline media.

Fyn Paulina Bonita (they/them)

Fyn [sarafina] Paulina Bonita (they/them) is a Queer, Surinamese-Dutch, performance artist and writer who works with language, translation, ancestry, gender codes and racial biases. Fyn’s main research and passion is developing their vision on learning practices within communities through a somatic lens. They create performances, poetry and workshops from an intersectional approach that focuses on the lived experience of the other and centers healing.