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a poetic examination of the lives of Black British men and boys

Kicking off the new year at De Nieuwe Liefde is none other than the multitalented Yomi Ṣode. Hailing from London, Yomi will grace our stage with his enigmatic personality, specific and on point perspective on the world around us and his irrefutable command of language.

Published in 2022, Yomi Ṣode debuted with his collection Manorism, a poetic examination of the lives of Black British men and boys: propped up and hemmed in by contemporary masculinity, deepened by family, misrepresented in the media, and complicated by the riches, and the costs, of belonging and inheritance. It is also an exploration of the differences of impunity afforded to white and Black people, and to white and Black artists.

In this profound and moving debut, Yomi Ṣode asks: what does it mean to find oneself between worlds – to ‘code-switch’, adapting one’s speech and manners to widely differing cultural contexts? Who is, and who isn’t, allowed to be more than their origins? And what do we owe each other? What do we owe ourselves?

We invite you to De Nieuwe Liefde this evening for an unforgettable conversation between our host Shaquille Shaniqua Joy and Yomi Ṣode. Yomi and music whiz , DJ Zoe Janice have joined forces to create a mesmerising multi-sensory poetic performance of Manorism. Audioviosual artist Yasmine Omari has provided the visuals for the performance. “Suspended in Space” is a self portrait crafted within the confines of the Omari’s makeshift home studio in Ramallah. In the work we see Yasmine’s namesake, the jasmine flower, suspended in poetic perpetual rotation in a dark abyss. 

The Base Bookspace will be in house to provide us with copies of Manorism byYomi Ṣode. Be sure to get your own copy of this gripping poetic masterpiece and have it signed by the author himself!

Yomi Ṣode

Yomi Ṣode is a Nigerian British writer. His debut collection ‘Manorism’, published by Penguin in October 2022 alongside a stage adaptation at the Southbank Centre, is shortlisted for the Rathbones Folio Prize 2023 and the T S Eliot Prize 2022. He was shortlisted for the Brunel International African Poetry Prize 2021, and received the Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship in 2019. Yomi’s acclaimed one-man show COAT toured nationally to sold-out audiences, including at the Brighton Festival, Roundhouse Camden and the Battersea Arts Centre. In 2020 his libretto Remnants, written in collaboration with award-winning composer James B. Wilson and performed with Chineke! Orchestra premiered on BBC Radio 3.

In 2021, his play, and breathe… premiered at the Almeida Theatre to rave reviews. Yomi is a Complete Works alumnus and a member of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen. He is the founder of BoxedIn, First Five, The Daddy Diaries, and mentorship programme, 12 in 12.


Shaquille Shaniqua Joy

Shaquille Shaniqua Joy is an interdisciplinary creative focusing on storytelling through different mediums. Within the cultural sector, her role ranges from researching to conceptualizing and writing, focusing on moderation and program-making. Her excitement for people and their fascinations is the base of her practice. As a moderator she always strives to have conversations rather than interviews. 

Within her work, Shaquille explores sociopolitical and pop cultural subjects by combining research and the embodied experiences of herself and others. This has led her to a range of conversations and programs, including live and recorded panel talks, a radio show, reporting formats and exhibitions in collaboration with cultural institutions, organizations and museums, as well as commercial brands.


Zoë Janice

Zoë Janice is an Amsterdam based DJ and Creative. She loves to tell stories through music by bringing people together through sound, energy, connectivity, and movement. She tells stories from all over the world by mixing music into genre-bending sets, bridging ama piano, afro beats, hip hop, rnb, baile funk, and more.

Yasmine Omari 

Yasmine Omari is a Palestinian audiovisual artist that utilizes documentary and studio-created footage to illustrate a metaphysical dimension through layered and surreal visuals/audio compositions. Her artistic vernacular serves as a vehicle to explore the intricate landscapes of inner-states, including nostalgia, identity, emotions, and imaginative spaces.

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