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Exploring Solitude & Community

Join us for a special edition of The Book Club in collaboration with De Nieuwe Liefde, where we delve into the depths of Community and Solitude.

As the end of the year approaches, we see a a growing emphasis on community and sharing. Whether it is coming together for the holidays or cosying up together on dark cold days, we tend to long for comfort in communion. However, during this season many of us are also faced with solitude. At times we crave solitude to ground ourselves amid the buzz of the festive season, at other times solitude is beyond our control like when we are made to miss our communities, friends and family. Whatever the case, navigating community as well as solitude can be tricky, and knowing how to do so gracefully is vital for our mental health.

Hosted at literary house De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam on December 10th, this unprecedented Book Club session welcomes participants, whether you’ve read the book or not. Our spotlight will be on a round table of six carefully chosen unique thinkers, and the conversation will unfold with an engaged audience with room to reflect and contribute to the conversation


  • Keep The Receipts – Tolani Shoneye, Milena Sanchez & Audrey Indome
  • The Alchemist –  Paulo Coelho
  • Shoe Dog –  Phil Knight
  • Quiet: The Power of the Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking – Susan Cain

DISCLAIMER: You do not have to read any of the books to join the discussion. Come as you are.

The Base Bookspace is hosting a book table this afternoon.

The Base Bookspace was born out of a lifelong love of the written word. The focus is on books by black authors. Each month five books are added to the collection with a focus on recently published work by young authors.
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Kriticos is Creator and main host of the Book Club; Kriticos is of Zambian and Tanzanian descent and has been based in Belgium most of his life. He loves discussions about love, spirituality and especially loves questioning the status quo and the systems put in place in today’s society.

Foto: Timo Kari

Tolly T

Tolly T, renowned co-host of The Receipts podcast and co-author of the Sunday Times Best Seller “Keep The Receipts,” is celebrated as a beloved big sister figure by her audience. With her insightful perspective, she adds a unique dimension to our discussion on Solitude & Community.


Afeez, a menswear fashion designer, is on a mission to forge connections within his community through his ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. His visionary approach to fashion promises to bring fresh insights to our exploration of Solitude & Community.

Margot Purgues

Margot Purgues, a dynamic Parisian multifaceted woman working in the sport industry, doubles as the founder of  “Prince-s Des Villes”. Through her personal platform, she spotlights the transformative work of urban “princesses and princes ” dedicated to reshaping their cities. Margot’s deep appreciation for sisterhood, people in general nurtured while living abroad, adds a compelling perspective to our discussion, emphasizing the importance of circularity and community bonds.

Nina Hama

Nina Hama is the founder of Hama Gallery, a as a space where art and people meet without boundaries. Her interest in art was inherited from her uncles – both artists. Born in Kurdistan and raised in The Netherlands, Nina spent much of her childhood in ateliers and galleries. She would help at the construction and openings of her uncles’ exhibitions, observe conversations art lovers held, assist in the sale of postcard sets and could often be found with a camera in hand to photograph the events. Her impressions of these moments form the foundation of Hama Gallery.

Ranwa Alamassi

Ranwa Alamassi is a Bahraini-Palestinian novelist and poet currently residing in Amsterdam. She has authored three published works, including two volumes of poetry and a novel, as well as numerous articles in Arabic newspapers and periodicals.

this afternoon we will serve wine from SEBONSA.

SEBONSA is an Amsterdam-based collective bringing together wine, food, culture, and design  – with a critical emphasis on natural and low-intervention wines. Through collaboration and celebration, we aim to grow an eclectic community of new fine wine & food lovers.

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