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According to Forbes, a “Burnout” is diagnosed by four symptoms:

1. Feelings of energy depletion, exhaustion and fatigue
2. Increased mental distance from your job
3. Feelings of negativism or cynicism related to your job
4. Reduced professional efficacy

Many of us experience these symptoms, but very few of us are aware of the implications of the lasting damage it can cause.

The “Productivity Propaganda” has taken over a lot of people’s perceptions of how to lead their lives. In a society where young adults are overworking themselves to keep up with the status quo, it’s important for us to have a check in with ourselves and with our peers.

The lockdown in 2020 gave us an (imposed) important glimpse at what life could look like if we were able to press pause on the constant productivity machine. However, the world following the pandemic has opened us to hybrid working; making us constantly “online”, never fully able to check out of work.

The Book Club has teamed up with De Nieuwe Liefde to facilitate a conversation where we can openly discuss experiences with burnouts, productivity culture and discuss how to pursue slower living.

We will be discussing questions like: What does a burnout look like? Do immigrant’s children have the intrinsic permission to find slow living? How? And what does life look like after a burnout?

Come join us and discuss the following books:

  • Burnout by Emily Nagoski
  • Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall
  • The Man Who Mistook His Work for His Life by Naomi Shragai
    and more!

DISCLAIMER: You do not have to read any of the books to join the discussion. Come as you are.


Kriticos is Creator and main host of the Book Club; Kriticos is of Zambian and Tanzanian descent and has been based in Belgium most of his life. He loves discussions about love, spirituality and especially loves questioning the status quo and the systems put in place in today’s society.

Foto: Timo Kari

Would you like to join this program, but currently don’t have the means to buy a ticket? Send an e-mail to to work something out.